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Five things to look at when comparing Property Management Companies



As a landlord, you’ve invested hundreds of thousands of dollars, countless hours, and your blood sweat and tears finding, buying and maintaining your investment property. So before you consider handing off the daily management of it to a rental property manager, it's important that you do a thorough background check.


1. Experience

One of the benefits our clients have here at RealConnect is that we’ve carefully vetted every one of the Brisbane property management specialists on the site before they can quote for your work.

Property Management Brisbane 

2. Service

The second aspect to consider is the level of service you expect from your manager. The best property management Brisbane will provide you with more than just stable tenants - they give you a great all around experience.

Ask your potential manager how often they’ll touch base with you, how frequently they do inspections, what level of minimum repair you can authorise with them, and how quickly you can get in contact with them.

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3. Specialty

As with any profession, there are sub-specialties within property management. There are commercial property managers, residential managers, apartment managers, and even those who specialise in short term property management.

Ensure that the one that you hire specialises in the type of property & renting strategies that you’re looking for.


4. Location

Many landlords don’t mind how close they are located to their property manager. However it’s important that the manager is close to your investment to encourage more frequent inspections. If your investment is on the north side, then look for property management Brisbane northside. Or if it’s in the south, get a property manager southside.

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5. Reviews

The last check that you should do before hiring is to look at rental property management Brisbane reviews. By seeing what others have said about your potential manager, you can weed out those who look good on paper but perform very differently in real life.


By following these five easy steps, combined with our quoting platform here at RealConnect, you’ll have a seamless, easy and stress-free time finding the right person or company to manage the daily operations of your property investment.